Talent Sourcing

Infinite Global Consultancy, we leverage unique methodologies, professional networks and a technology-based approach to provide talents that meet the evolving needs of those we are privileged to serve.

Short Term Recruitment

We understand the evolving nature of the work environment and the need to meet short term obligations. From the entry-level to the top management level, we can find qualified talent from our pool of professionals and match them to the areas of need in your organisation.

Beyond matching, we rely on our unique system to match only talents who can flexibly and effectively deliver on the demands of short term engagements. This is where our knowledge of people, productivity and talent optimisation offer you more value.

In the end, we derive optimal satisfaction from the realisation that your interim talent needs are met and your organisation was able to achieve its corporate objectives irrespective of the circumstances that present.

Long Term Recruitment

We believe that every organisation deserves an employee who can work the talk and walk the walk. Long term hires or permanent recruitment provides an opportunity for the organisation to achieve sustainable value from people. Hence, we provide a range of specialists across different career spectrums as required to meet the needs of the organisation.

For us at Infinite Global Consultancy, this process starts with understanding your long term employment needs and utilizing an evidence-based model to determine the person and role-specific characteristics; this forms the basis for determining candidates that are qualified for such permanent placements in your organisation.

Our experts are very experienced in long term talent placements and at all times, we ensure that clients access talents who can grow, aspire, learn and align with the vision of the organisation.

Talent Consulting

Remote Work Optimisation.

With the trend of remote work, organisations within and outside the IT industry continue to explore ways of optimising remote work.

Following industry trends, research and strategic talent management models, we provide robust service for remote work talent optimisation. Irrespective of the sector of operation, our experts have what it takes in terms of experience, capacity and knowledge to structure your remote work appropriately towards adding value to your organisation.

Our remote work consultancy services include;

  • HR Policy Formulation
  • Talent Management
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Management
  • Structure Development
  • Performance Audit
  • Supervision
  • Compliance
  • Operations & Strategic Planning

General Talent Consulting

The domain of talent acquisition, talent management and talent development continues to change as a result of internal and external environmental factors. We find that the ability of an organisation to keep up with the fast pace of change and continually optimise talent management outcomes is crucial to productivity, performance and overall effectiveness.

Our experts possess a wide range of industry experience with a track record of supporting organisations across multiple sectors, strategically positioned to identify problem areas and implement strategies towards optimising talent contribution to the overall vision of the organisation.

  • A snippet of our general talent consulting service includes;
  • Talent Acquisition Optimisation.
  • Workforce Diversity and Employer Brand Audit.
  • Talent Engagement Audit.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Service.
  • Executive Development Programs.
  • Talent Development Programs.
  • Talent Advisory

Managed Talent Services

We understand that people management can be quite challenging for small and large scale firms. This is why we step in through our managed talent service to take off the stress of talent management in your organisation, allowing you to focus on other areas of business development. We have the experience, systems and technology to assist you in managing the talent base of your organisation and growing them over time.

The scope of our managed talent service which is also recommended for startup, growth stage, and industry leaders includes;

  • Managed HR Administration including Recruitment, Selecting, Hiring, Training, Induction, Orientation, Evaluation, Promotion and Layoff.
  • Managed Employee Relations and Welfare

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