About Us

IGS provides a broad spectrum of talent management services from need assessment to search, hire and integration, empowering corporate organisations with the best fit and supporting the development of efficient, productive and seamless work environments.

At the core of our DNA is service, the desire to be a part of the success story of those we serve and the passion to partner with our clients throughout the process. We boast of experts whose combined experience of over 20 years in core talent management across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Working through people and technology, we provide evidence-based solutions to HR related problems.

We have continued to evolve, driven by passion and supported by an in-depth understanding of the local and global business environment. For us, every project is unique and so is the nature of the clients we serve. Hence, we treat every case differently and this is why our clients always have success stories to share.

Our desire is to leave IGS touch in every organisation and your next talent management project is our opportunity. 


Our Vision

To meet the current and future talent management needs of organisations, supporting growth, improving resilience and enhancing productivity.

Our Mission

To understand the talent needs of organisations, working with the finest of professionals and integrating cutting edge technology through evidence-based models to satisfy the needs of our clients, today and in the future.

Our Values

Our actions, approach and methods are guided by our P-E-O-P-L-E values.


We work within the confines of professional ethics and globally acceptable standards. Our team members are experts in their respective rights and relying on our wealth of experience, we prioritise value creation for our clients and this defines the professional IGS way.


Whatever we choose to do, we do it excellently right and this is the basic working culture within our domain. We are always the first to criticise our work and our approach is always subject to routine assessment before final implementation and delivery.


We dare to be original and unique in our approach to problems. Hence, we open our minds to creativity and dare to think out-of-the-box, exploring the limits of what is conventional to deliver true value to our clients.


The basis for our existence and love for what we do is our passion for talent management. People can feel this from the first visit to our website and every time they walk in through our doors. Our passion for the job inspires us to go the extra mile and do all it takes to get our clients to the desired objectives.


For us, every opportunity is an avenue to learn; we learn from ourselves, our environment, our clients and the world. We are committed to learning, self-improvement and development at strategic intervals. This has informed our success and innovative approach to problem-solving.


Behind every talent problem is a pool of feelings, thoughts and expectations. At IGS Plc., we empathise with our clients and see things from their perspectives. This gives us a dual perspective of the problem, from the professional angle and the client angle, enabling us to provide solutions that meet the pain points of our clients. It starts from within, we have learnt to empathise with one another and this gives us a better approach to managing people-related problems.


We follow a UDDE Model in meeting the needs of our clients. Whether it is talent sourcing, talent consulting, managed talent service or general HR consultancy service, the UDDE Model is our evidence-based approach to delivering positive results.

  • Understand: we invest time in understanding the problem, request, expectation and desires of the client. We also go deeper in conducting some baseline assessments where necessary to clarify the problem because we believe that knowing the problem saves everyone’s time and guarantees value in service delivery.
  • Design and Develop: after listening to the clients, clarifying and defining the problem, our experts fuse their experience and insight on the problem to create solutions. These solutions are subject to different levels of evaluation and the final solution is developed. The client is kept informed of developments and inputs are integrated at strategic turns.
  • Deploy: the planned solution is deployed in line with iterations done during the design and development stage. Whether the client shoulders responsibility for deployment or we do, we provide relevant backups and support to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved.
  • Evaluate and Improve: We understand that there is no perfect system and we never work with assumptions. After deployment, we proceed to evaluate outcomes and where there are gaps, we take proactive steps to address such gaps towards improving outcomes.